Screening FAQs

$39.75 includes an ongoing subscription in the eight WIN states (Utah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska or Nevada), in addition to an initial FBI check. It is sufficient to meet the new statutory requirements unless the person is likely in the future to spend a lot of time outside of the WIN states. This check also includes an initial, one time, nationwide FBI check. So, if people have lived out of the state previously, but now live in and have ID from the eight WIN states, then this check is most likely the one for them.

$52.75 includes an ongoing, nationwide FBI subscription. This must be used for anyone who lives outside of the WIN states, uses state identification from outside of the WIN states, or reports that they will spend substantial time outside the WIN states in the future.

The full FBI check for $52.75 provides the highest level of protection. This option is available to ALL applicants and we encourage providers to choose this standard even if the applicant is a resident of a WIN state that is unlikely to spend substantial time outside the WIN states. This provides the best standard in ongoing criminal background screening and may reduce your agency’s liability.

Who needs to submit fingerprints and fees?

New applicants doing initial screening forms will need to submit fingerprints
Renewal applicants (those with a current screening on file with the Office of Licensing prior to September 1, 2015) only need to submit fingerprints if they live in or use identification that is not issued by a WIN state.