Screening FAQs

$39.75 includes an ongoing subscription in the eight WIN states (Utah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska or Nevada), in addition to an initial FBI check. It is sufficient to meet the new statutory requirements unless the person is likely in the future to spend a lot of time outside of the WIN states. This check also includes an initial, one time, nationwide FBI check. So, if people have lived out of the state previously, but now live in and have ID from the eight WIN states, then this check is most likely the one for them.

$52.75 includes an ongoing, nationwide FBI subscription. This must be used for anyone who lives outside of the WIN states, uses state identification from outside of the WIN states, or reports that they will spend substantial time outside the WIN states in the future.

The full FBI check for $52.75 provides the highest level of protection. This option is available to ALL applicants and we encourage providers to choose this standard even if the applicant is a resident of a WIN state that is unlikely to spend substantial time outside the WIN states. This provides the best standard in ongoing criminal background screening and may reduce your agency’s liability.

Who needs to submit fingerprints and fees?

New applicants doing initial screening forms will need to submit fingerprints
Renewal applicants (those with a current screening on file with the Office of Licensing prior to September 1, 2015) only need to submit fingerprints if they live in or use identification that is not issued by a WIN state.

Fingerprints must be rolled by individuals trained in the methods used by law enforcement agencies. Ink pads (FPT265) or print over tabs (FPT107R or FPT108R) may be ordered at Fingerprint cards must be ordered directly from Department of Public Safety, BCI, 801-965-4445, opt 6.
It is accurate that there are other enhancements and changes to background screenings. We are working on a rule update that will be in place this fall.

If you have an applicant who has already submitted prints, the new application, and the new fee after September 1, 2015, that is transferring agencies, please contact your background screening technician directly to coordinate a transfer of that fingerprint background subscription.

Renewal applicants do not need to submit fingerprint cards each year as long as the applicant has continued living in the State of Utah since their initial clearance and they hold a Utah driver’s license. Renewal applicants must still report dates and places they lived out of state with the last five years.
All individuals of licensed facilities who have direct access to children and/or vulnerable adults must have an annual screening conducted.
Many details factor into the processing time for applications. If the application needs to be returned because it is incomplete or illegible, it will take more time simply to begin the process. (If an application is returned because the Office needs more information, the sooner the applicant responds to the Office’s request the sooner the screening process can begin).

Remember that questions on the application need to be answered even if the applicant answered them previously (last year or for another program).

Application turn-around time is approximately ten working days for applicants who:
– Have lived in the state over 5 years,
– Have no criminal history record, and
– Whose name does not appear on the child or adult abuse database.

Processing time will take longer for applicants who have lived outside the state of Utah, or have a criminal history record in another state requiring verification of information.
To assure that your application is processed as timely as possible, fill the form out completely, write legibly, and be truthful and consistent with your answers.

The Office of Licensing allows licensed facilities to pay for multiple background screening applications with one payment (check or money order). However, this is optional. Please carefully read the following if you would like to submit batch payments:

  • Batched payments and screening applications must come to Office of Licensing all in one envelope
  • Write the check for the total combined amount of the cost of each individual application found in the same envelope
  • All applications cost the same rate of $37 to include the full FBI Ongoing Nationwide Rap Back Lifetime Subscription
  • It is critical that the check covers the exact amount of the required fees, please do not round up or down
  • If you submit a check that is for the wrong amount for the batched applications, we will return the check and all associated applications to you via the mail, upon receipt
  • No refunds will be given. Once you submit a background screening application and fee to the Office of Licensing, the funds will be deposited and the application processed
  • If you submit an application that is illegible or incomplete, that individual application will be returned to you, but we will still cash the group check and consider that person paid for if you resubmit the same individual’s corrected application within 60 days. After 60 days, if you have not resubmitted a screening application for that same individual, the money will be permanently deposited with the Office of Licensing
  • We welcome feedback on this process to ensure that it is effective for licensed facilities and providers
In accordance with the Utah Open Meetings Act (UCA 52-4), the Utah Department of Human Services, Office of Licensing, the Comprehensive Review Committee meets twice a month at the Department of Human Services Administration Building at 195 North 1950 West, Salt Lake City, Utah.

The meeting is open to the public unless closed for a discussion of the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual in accordance with UCA 52-4-204, 205, 206, and in compliance with Utah Code 62A-2-120, 121, 122, and Utah Department of Human Services Rules 501-14.

Please note that it is helpful for anyone who may be attending to notify the Office of Licensing, for the purposes of adequate space and special accommodations due to disability, by calling 801-538-4242.

Comprehensive Review Committee meetings are usually conducted on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month beginning at 8:30 a.m., in Room 1045, with occasional variations due to holidays and room availability.