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Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Project Information

Please visit the CMS Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program website opens in a new tab for current CMP Project information and projects.


If you are interested in applying for CMP funds for projects that benefit nursing residents in Utah, please see the application resources on the CMS website posted above.

Application forms may be submitted anytime to the Bureau of Health Facility Licensing at:

Assisted Living Facility Plan Review Report

Our Duties for Regulating Healthcare Facilities and Providers in the State of Utah

Please feel free to contact us at: Toll-Free: (800) 662-4157 Salt Lake Area: (801) 273-2994

License health care facilities required by state law to hold a license and regularly inspect these facilities for compliance with state laws and regulations

Work with the Health Facilities Committee, whose members are appointed by the Governor, to develop and revise state regulations to govern the building, operation, and quality of care in licensed facilities

Review the architectural plans of new building and remodeling projects of licensed providers to assure compliance with building and safety standards

Perform regular on-site inspections of Utah healthcare providers participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs to ensure compliance with federal health, treatment, and safety standards

See that every Medicaid-funded nursing home and institutional patient in the state meets standards of medical need before admission and throughout their stay

Conduct background screenings on all direct care staff in certain health care industries, as required by law

Investigate complaints from the public about poor care or unsafe conditions in all licensed and/or certified facilities or providers

Assure facility correction through requiring Plans of Correction, follow-up inspections, use of sanctions (fines, bans on admissions, closure), and on-site monitoring