Office of Background Processing

OBP vision statement

Protecting Utah's vulnerable by providing comprehensive, consistent, and timely background processing and monitoring.

About us

In the interest of professionalism, public trust, and safety for families and individuals, Utah code requires that all persons associated with a licensed facility (owners, directors, members of a governing body, employees, agents, providers, contractors, and volunteers) who have or will have direct access to vulnerable clients must complete and considered eligible by a background check. Until the Office of Background Processing (OBP) has approved the background check, an applicant shall not have direct access to a vulnerable client in a licensed program.

OBP processes and monitors the background checks for each type of program licensed by the Office of Licensing (OL). These program types include Human Services, Child Care, and Health Facilities. Each type of program has specific requirements for completing background checks. Click on the buttons below to learn more about the background check process for each type.

Background check information by program type